Dev&Chaz (formerly The Legacy Chronicles) started as an idea to inspire people, couples, and the like to move past the mundane into a life of purpose. Sooo… We launched a YouTube channel to share our journey as entrepreneurs, husband and wife, and now parents.


During our courtship, there were a few things we had in common and were non-negotiable: we will live a life pleasing to God, we will serve and inspire others, and we will build LEGACY.


We are fighting to change that. Your life has meaning! You’re here to make an impact and leave an imprint on the earth. 


Throughout this time, we've received numerous messages about how we've been able to help people in their life, relationships, and goals. 


So….. Take a peek into our life! You will laugh, cry, be inspired, but most importantly, we will provoke you to build a legacy worth living! 

Legacy is our passion, and in our world today, that’s something society seeks to create or build.